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Asset Management

The Asset Management feature provided in bigWebDesk is a complete and customizable database for tracking all of your organization's assets.

Custom Fields
bigWebDesk asset management feature is designed for you to customize the information gathered about each type of asset. You are able to define custom fields for each specific type of asset. e.g. Printer, Laptops, HVAC Unit. Below is a screen shot of the custom fields setup screen.

Categories, Types, Makes, Models
bigWebDesk asset management allows you to organize all assets according to Category, Asset Type, Make, and Model. This will allow your staff to locate assets easily. This type of organization of assets will make adding new assets more intuitive.

Warranty and Vendor Information
Warranty and vendor information is recorded with each asset allowing your staff to easily determine the status of each asset. Labor and Parts warranty vendors can be tracked seperately.

Work History
Being that the asset management piece is integrated with the service request management, tracking work history on troublesome machines can be done with one click.

Asset Owners and Check Out
bigWebDesk will also track the owner and the currently checked out user of each asset. This information will be stored in the asset log. Locating past users will be simple.

License Compliance
In conjunction with the custom fields bigWebDesk Asset Management will allow you track and determine your organizations compliance with software license agreements.

State Reporting Requirements
For K-12 School districts end of the year reporting has become a major burden. bigWebDesk is committed to making this process as painless as possible. Using the custom fields, bigWebDesk Asset Management can greatly reduce the time needed to compile the necessary reports.

If you have any questions or comments about this feature please post them on the bigWebDesk Message Board.
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