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Thursday, 1st May 2008
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Sheffield Farmers' Market
start:25th May 2008
The Sheffield Farmers' market is held on one Sunday every month on the Barkers Pool area (outside John Lewis & Sheffield City Hall) of Sheffield City Centre from 10am until 4pm.

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Peter Morley's Meats


Occasional Temporary Markets

If you are considering holding a tabletop sale, a fete, car boot sale or something similar, it may be that your event constitutes a market. In this case, you require consent of the Council Markets Authority. We need the details of your event in order to determine the category of your event. If we decide that the event is not a market then you will not require consent.

In essence, it is unlawful for anyone to hold a market, even upon land which is in their ownership, without the City Council’s specific consent. This is because Sheffield City Council has the sole and exclusive right to hold markets (defined in law as a concourse of buyers and sellers) within a specified area, namely 6.2/3 miles from the nearest established Council market. It is not our intention to prevent private events taking place, but to licence and regulate them.

We grant two types of temporary market licence – a licence to hold a market for commercial or personal gain, and a licence to hold a market for charitable/fundraising purposes. Before we grant a licence, we require you to fill in an application form for a licence detailing your event and return it to us at Sheffield Markets at least six weeks before your event.

*Occasional Temporary/Specialist Market Licence Applications - Information Sheet
*Application for a licence to hold an occasional temporary market for charitable/fundraising purposes
*Application for a licence to hold a specialist market for commercial purposes

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